ACEMONEY INTERMEDIARIES is a professionally managed financial services company


Stock Market is highly unpredictable .Investing in shares or stock market is the best route to long-term wealth accumulation. It is more appropriate to take help of an experienced and trustworthy expert who will guide you as to when, where and how to invest. Trading in equity with ACEMONEY truly empowers you for your investments needs. 
The derivative segment is a highly lucrative market that gives investors an opportunity to earn superlative profits (or losses) by paying a nominal amount of margin. Over past few years, Future & Options segment has emerged as a popular medium for trading in financial market. Method of reducing the risk of loss caused by price fluctuation. It consists of the purchase or sale of equal quantities of the same or very similar stocks in two different markets at approximately the same time, with the expectation that a future change in price in one market will be offset by an opposite change in the other market is hedging. ACEMONEY provides you a gateway to the exciting world of derivative market.
Client can call us or visit our branch offices & place their investment calls or can avail Internet trading services through an application /browser based software.


ACEMONEY has always been the forerunner in initiating any new financial product and have launched trading facilities on the Currency Derivatives Segment for our clients at all three Exchanges namely NSE, BSE & MCX-SX. Thus, we bring to you a new trading segment which brings you Currency Derivative trading. This asset class, where the participation was earlier limited to Banks, Currency brokers, Corporate and Multinational Companies are now available at your convenience at your finger tips. The practice of currency trading is also commonly referred to as foreign exchange, Forex or FX for short. All currency has a value relative to other currencies on the planet. Currency trading uses the purchase and sale of large quantities of currency to leverage the shifts in relative value into profit..


ACEMONEY provides depository services to investors as a depository participant with CDSL. We offer you a secure convenient paperless and cost effective way to keep your investments in shares and other instruments over a period of time, without the hassle of handling physical documents.

Enjoy the dual benefits of trading and depository services under one roof and experience efficient, risk-free and prompt depository service. 

Some Benefits of Depository

• Automated pay-in facility 

• Online Back office for Depository.

• View Demat A/C statement online 

• Competitive transaction charges.

• SMS alert facilities for Demat account holders.

How to Get Started

Guidelines to be followed for opening Demat account:

1. Kindly fill account opening form after going through account opening instruction given in the account opening form.

2. Please submit your duly filled & signed account opening form with one photograph, proof of identity and proof of address documents of account holder(s) as may be required.

3. Kindly sign agreement with DP (agreement will state rights & obligations of both parties) and Schedule of Charges for Depository Services. ACEMONEY will send a copy of agreement and schedule of charge along with Welcome kit for your records.

4. ACEMONEY would intimate "Client Id" (account no.) through a welcome letter once your depository account is opened. This 'Client Id' number along with your 'DP Id' number forms a unique combination. Both these numbers should be quoted in all your future dealings with ACEMONEY

5. ACEMONEY will give you instruction slips for depository services viz., dematerialisation, delivery instruction for trades, etc. These instruction slips will bear pre-printed serial numbers and your pre stamped client-id. Kindly insure its safety. 

CDSL Products 

Electronic Access To Securities Information and Execution of Secured Transaction

Transfer securities online from your CDSL Demat account!!! Avail "easi" features along with "easiest."



ACEMONEY has "Live Trading Platform" of NSE & BSE on the internet. Clients can access our live trading platform from home & office whether in India or abroad using standard browsers. Our trading platform will be providing real time market information including latest stock quotes and order screen allowing our clients to place orders from their own pc’s or laptops. 

Benefits of Internet Trading

• Customized single screen Market Watch for multiple exchanges 

• Real-time rates 

• Live Market news 

• Intra-day & historical charts with technical tools 

Terms & Conditions

CM | F&O

Recommended Hardware / Systems Software requirements

1. Single P-IV with 256 MB Ram, 4 GB Hard Disk, Win 2K(SP4)/XP(Sp2)

2. Internet Explorer 6.0 Sp1, Java,  

For Online/internet Trading Click Here


ACEMONEY has launched the service of securities trading using wireless technology. Clients can trade through their GPRS enabled mobile set, while traveling anywhere in India or abroad. They can trade in the cash market, derivatives or currency, just like they can trade through their trading terminals and at the same speed. The clients mobile will be connected to the internet, then to the NOW platform which is connected to the exchange. 

To access the application, the client will be provided valid login id and password which in turn will provide him access to live market data & ability to trade.

A client can see the ‘Market watch’ page on his mobile screen. This will display all the available indices and constituents of these indices. The viewer can see the last traded price, percentage change, best bid, best bid quantity, best offer and best offer quantity.

The user can place, modify and cancel orders. Each client’s orders & trades are subject to the limits provided ACEMONEY


Several safeguards have been built in, to ensure that the right people trade and messages are not tampered with.

1) Clients interested in Mobile Trading need to sign the modified Member-client agreement.

2) Identification through unique user id and password

3) A Comprehensive password policy has been implemented, with compulsory expiry of password after 14 days and automatic locking of user id after 3 unsuccessful attempts. The use of the last three passwords will not be accepted.

4) Only duly authorized clients’ orders will be allowed to be placed.

5) Online risk assessment will be done of all orders placed. Only orders within the parameters, specified by the risk management systems will be allowed to be placed.

6) Message integrity will be ensured through end to end encryption

7) Data will not be stored in the mobile for long, so that if it’s lost, data doesn’t get stolen.

For more details on mobile trading. Kindly contact us on 011-42700800 | 


24 hours online Back office reports for all segments i.e. NSE, BSE, F&O, MCXSX, NSEFX and DP.

Online back office provides you access to all the reports such as 

1. Back office reports for all segments i.e. NSE F&O, NSE CM, BSE CM, NCDEX, and DP.

2. Holding Report, A/c Statement, Client Dues and transaction ledger related to the DP.

3. Reports available in Capital Market:

a. Interactive Account Statement

b. Trial balance

c. Net Position

d. Bills

e. Confirmation

f. Pending Delivery

g. Margin Shares & On behalf

h. P&L Report

i. Turnover

j. Over all Outstanding

k. Contract Notes (Digital)

4. Reports available in F&O + CDX

a. Account Statement

b. Combined detail

c. Combined Outstanding

d. Combined Sauda Summary

e. MIS-P&L Report

f. Trial Balance & Contract Notes(Digitally)


Mutual Fund offers an opportunity for long term wealth creation. At ACEMONEY we ensure that your investment are in safe hands backed by quality research and based on the needs of client according to his income, saving, age etc. We send portfolio returns of clients through emails every week & also provide access to online portfolio returns 24x7 through our website. Wealth Management desk is also in place to assist clients in taking informed decision depending upon their age, needs, requirements & risk taking capability.

Services Provided by Us 

• Online and offline transaction facility 

• Schemes from all Mutual Fund Companies 

• Latest MF News and Fund Manager views 

• Latest New Fund Offers (NFO) 

• Information and tools to help you select the right scheme 

• Dedicated Customer Help desk 

• Professional Management

• 24x7 Web-enabled Portfolio trackers


Our Analysts offer investment advice based on thorough fundamental research of the currently open IPO's. We provide A to Z information about Initial Public Offerings. The IPO data includes Issue Bidding Info, Allotment Status, Listing Dates, IPO Stocks Performance, and IPO News. 

For more Information kindly Contact us at:

01142700800 /


India and the Indians have undergone a paradigm shift. There have been several fundamental and irreversible changes in the economy, government policies, outlook of business and industry, and in the mindset of Indians in general. India is today one of the fastest growing economies and is becoming one of the most lucrative investment destinations.

For NRIs, who are constantly on the lookout for investment options, comfort levels have been high as far as India is concerned. We at ACEMONEY offer diversified investment opportunities to suit your risk appetite. You are backed by our financial expertise.

What basic steps are required for an NRI to invest in Indian stock Market? 

1. NRI should open a NRE/NRO bank account with designated bank branch, which is approved by RBI (Reserve Bank of India) for the purpose. 

2. Apply for a PAN Card. 

3. Apply for a general approval for investment in Indian Stock Market through his designated bank branch; this is called PIS (Portfolio Investment Scheme). 

4. Open a Demat Account with a Depository Participant to hold his shares. 

5. Register with a broker to execute his buy/sell orders on the stock exchange(s). 

ACEMONEY provides a one stop shop for NRI’s and can take care for all these steps for you; for no additional charges. 

We monitor the performance and progress of portfolio on continuous basis and refine strategy if required and carry out portfolio rebalancing. 

We provide regular update of the portfolio to the investor.